The influence of the different characteristics on the work of the CMKA® profile

We, as a manufacturer of heat-exchange elements need to know the following information about the operation of the boiler unit to implement the supply option:

  •   Kind and composition of used fuel;

  •   Fuel consumption;

  •   Flue gas temperature at the input into the RAH;

  •   Air inflow into the furnace (RAH);

  •   Cold air temperature in front of the RAH;

  •   Availability of bypasses and recirculation systems. Control valve opening position.

And the main thing, the choice of the type of heat-exchange elements for a particular boiler depends on the correctness of the initial data.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the supplied heat-exchange elements is possible only with an agreed procedure for assessing the quality of the supplied products.

As mentioned above, the parameters of the heat elements work are influenced not only by the characteristics of the structure, but also by the various parameters of the boiler operation.

The slide below shows the effect of various parameters on the result.

When calculating, the producer operates only those parameters A, B, C, D and D that the station provided and selects the type of heat-exchange elements. After the reconstruction or modernization of the boiler, in conjunction with the replacement of heat elements, these parameters can vary in a wide range and result in a apparent deterioration or improvement of the basket operation. In other words, the supplied basket in the whole range of parameter changes works invariably and only the reduction of the parameters at the output to the initial data will allow evaluating its efficiency.